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EXACTLY!!! And all the millions of other innocent lives lost because of irresponsible gun legislation.

The Bush family first made their fortune by selling weapons to both sides in WWI. No wonder they were so ready to run into war, mo' money, mo' money....

It's Not About Politics --The Fearmongering, Paranoid, Delusional Remarks From The NRA That Even George H.W. Bush Would Not Tolerate.

Sad for America...GW Bush allowed the assault weapons ban to expire. Even though he was in his last term, he didn't have the courage to stand up to the NRA. The mass shootings since then are just more deaths we can attribute to the Bush Years.

Half of all mass killings in the US have occurred since 2005, when the Assault Weapons Ban was allowed to Expire...

This also includes living wages, climate change, clean energy, voting rights, healthcare, . Our elected officials are no longer free to support the public good.