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FREE Interrupting Chicken activities to go with the book Interrupting Chicken. Use them to start a conversation about the importance of not interrupting. Love it!

from Gift of Curiosity

Erasing letters with a Q-tip {101 Ways to Teach the Alphabet

Erasing letters with a Q-tip is a simple-to-set-up activity that works on letter recognition, the proper strokes for writing letters, and fine motor skills needed for writing. I love how this activity can be adapted to help kids with any letters of the alphabet they need assistance with. || Gift of Curiosity

Teach your young ones about interrupting with this fun story and activity! To see how I use this activity in my classroom, click the blog link below! Interrupting Chicken Blog Post

from Gift of Curiosity

Weather science: How to make a cloud in a jar (2 different methods

Two different methods for making a cloud in a jar. What a great weather science activity for kids! || Gift of Curiosity