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Abundance: Celebrating a Month of Blessings

Abundance. because life in not supposed to be a contest to see who can collect the most stuff.

Why we all need a best friend who's not just like us

Having a friend who balances us out, who accepts us for who we are and loves us through our hard seasons ... it's a gift.

I'm not looking to raise a nice kid

I'm not looking to raise a nice kid. What does that even mean? I do however want to raise a child who is kind, caring and loves others well.

Only the Good Stuff: Multivitamins for Your Weekend [05.10.14]

Wear your Thanksgiving pants

Thanksgiving know those stretchy ones with lots of grace for overeating? What if there's an equivalent for life?

Top Pins: Trash to Treasure Pt. 3

Post image for Top Pins: Trash to Treasure Pt. Items will be auctioned off to Benefit Rapha House.

Lessons from Star Wars

It takes great chutzpah to retell a story so well beloved and iconic. But maybe it takes even more courage to look at your own story and say, "This is not the story I want for myself!" and then decide to change it.

Dare to Give up What You Cannot Keep

Dare to give up what you cannot keep ... it's a way of life that takes a lot of faith and dying to self.