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Michael Bush‎UFO Connection & Paranormal Society. This photo was taken in Denmark on December 17th 1974. Since that time it has been ran through every test imaginable and has never been debunked.

The theory of a Hollow Earth has been snowballing over the years, due to the proliferation of orbital photographs which appear to show a vast opening at the North Pole. Many such photos exist, and despite NASA’s claims that they are distortions due to pasting together time-lapse photos, many, such as the one above, are not so easily explained.It was taken in real time from the Mir space station in 1997. NASA: ‘No comment.’

For centuries the only record humanity had of a boar's tusk helmet was a description in Homer's Iliad. Through the years scholars assumed that Homer had just made up some fantasy helmet that never existed. But then archaeologists began to find artistic representations of boar's tusk helmets and even the remains of the helmets themselves. They were real after all.

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