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The battles of my novel "Daffodil Sunrise" continue. If anything, the stakes are only higher.

My political affiliation these days. I am a conservative and will vote Trump but for crying out loud, what has happened to this country with all of its bullshit PC, No Praying, No flags, No pride. As for me and my house, we know the good Lord is always with us.

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And we now have a prime example idiots voted into the White House. Don the Con and his gang of deplorables


Donald Trump Jr. on

Grandpa Donald Trump and Tristan aka T-man on the ride back from Florida this past Sunday Donald Trump Jr.

"Omg Donald trump is gonna be a dictator!!!!!1!1" "wants Darth Vader to be president" i mean, they're democrats for sure

I don't agree with Darth Vader for president but the pun

I affiliate with no political party. I am pro-Constitution and I view morals and character. But, come on now... really? It was stated by Newt Gingrich that Trump was not a part of the secret societies and could not be controlled - that is why the elite are afraid of him. Do your research - it will serve you well.

When some uses bleach-bit to destroy evidence under federal subpoena while all living friends have been granted immunity yet people believe this person has nothing to hide.

Voting matters!! Get up, get out NOW & do what you need to do to be ready to vote next election!!! ID ID ID ID!! Whatever it takes!!!

I think this EVERY TIME I VOTE. Take the time to know the issues presented on the ballot, and the people you are (or aren't) voting into office. Your vote matters!

Choosing not to vote isn't rebellion. It's surrender!

Choosing not to vote isn't rebellion. It's surrender! Women, don't vote just for a woman, or for your right to possibly have your next abortion.vote to have a safe and secure country for your family and your children in the future!

Yah except we kinda voted him in so

Yah except we kinda voted him in so <<< actually, we didn't. The electoral college did. Clinton won the popular vote.

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Our vets fought and some died fighting for our freedom. They deserve to be honored and to be taken care of in the best way. They have earned it! God bless our Veterans both fallen and here at home, God bless our Troops and God bless America ~