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Wednesdays at Raven are always a good time.

This is where I get the news from lol---TATINOF!!!!!!

I cried with joy and then proceeded to scream NOOOO HOW DARE YOU MAGGIE so I say she's right

Quote: Dance is your pulse, your heartbeat, your breathing. It's the rhythm of your life. It's expression, in time and movement, of happiness, joy, sadness and envy #dancequotes

Ravens to a lot of people are like Alaska, either you love it or hate it. This bird is very smart and is one of the only birds that you see flying upside down just for the fun of it. Photo by Steve Thomas

ravens mate for life and bring us news from the other side, they hold "funerals" for their dead. They are My Familiars and I love them.

from Mail Online

I've just twigged this is fun! Raven lays back and enjoys playing with his new toy

This raven appears to have got the wrong end of the stick as it uses the twig to play with rather than build a nest or simply perch upon

LOL!!! Awesome Video and don't We ALL love rollin' around in the Snow....??? Wouldn't it be interesting if the Ravens made "Snow Angels"......??? Wild Ravens Frolic in Snow Like Children (Video)