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Your Holiday Movie Guide: What to Watch With Your Boyfriend, Your Family, and Others

Oh my gosh .... I love Elf!!!! The silliness, innocence, and wonder & joy of experiencing even the simplest things. We should all try to remember just how wonderful & exciting life is, even in the simplest moments.

I was really hoping that they were all gonna join the gems when they escaped, like 20+ more gems to add to the rebellion. I would've loved it.

Chicken Egg Rolls

One of my favorite things in life is to entertain friends and family at my home. I love to cook (obviously) and cooking for people I love makes me extra happy. There’s nothing like having good friends over, great conversation and eating delicious homemade food! We had our close friends over a few weeks ago, …

I'D KNOW THAT PINKY ANYWHERE<<< it's weird because i do the same thing with my hand and i think i picked it up from watching gerard too much like somebody help me

I love how it sounds like Damian cares about Tim and then he calls him ugly

yes i relate to evan peters in the new season of ahs bc i too, like art, have a desire to murder everyone i know, and am slightly gay

idk what's funnier - the tweets or the fact that they were like 8 hours apart