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Sevgilim İnsan sevgilim Bu belki de seninle yaşadığımız son aşk çağı İnsan parçalanmadan İnsan tümüyle bilinir kılınmadan Son yudumu özgürlüğün Son nefesi Sevgilim,ah sevgilim Gözlerime, parmaklarıma bakacaklar sana aşık olduğumu bilimsel yöntemlerle kanıtlayacaklar Levent İşbilen 27 nisan 93 Salı

Happy Thursday, and happy Thanksgiving to those who are celebrating today. 😊 I wish I had a clone who could photograph me, I always have to ask my mom to make pictures of me! 😂😅 Ah, and here's some #WolfBrother love. 😍 . If you had a clone for only one day, what would you do? 🤔

First off I'm not really sure if I painted the original in 1996 but it was around that time and 1996 to 2016 is a nice (2 decade) round number. Here is my then vs now.... I've seen a few images lately of people sharing their first ever painted minis I never took photos of my first Mini and If I had it would have been on film not digital. I thought I had taken pictures of the one above (right) before I started this process but unfortunately I didn't do that either so I'm comparing to one of…