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Waking Up Will Suck Less With This Ambient Light Alarm Clock

To start your morning right, you don’t need an alarm that jolts you from your sleep. Switch to gradual wake up light alarm clock that mimics the colors of the sunrise.

Friday Favorite: Light Alarm Clocks | Whole Health Dork

Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock HF3520/01 Coloured Sunrise Simulation - 5 Sounds and Radio Function by Philips

Necessary. This natural light alarm clock acts as a wake up light, alarm clock and soothing sound machine. The light gently resets your body’s natural circadian rhythms by beginning to get progressively brighter over the space of 15 minutes, until you wake naturally and refreshed at the exact time you set the alarm for. This natural alarm clock will also help you drift off to sleep with any of its four built in soundscapes: songbirds, pond life, a stream or the ocean.

Seatbelt cutter, glass breaker, LED flash light, alarm, thermometer, tire gauge. The BodyGard has it all! $24.95 from REI.

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