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Pilots N Paws Canada transport Abitibi dogs to Toronto! watch the video! Thank you Johanne Tasse from Centre d'Adoption d'Animaux de Compagnie du Québec for letting us know about this effort! Like Pilots N Paws Canada!

Carriage horses are being overworked in extreme heat and collapsing on the streets of Montreal. Demand an end to this abusive practice and give these horses a more humane life.

#Donate 4 #dog #rescue @WestiesInNeed! All proceeds will be donated at the #Ottawa #Westie #Walk. Thank you 4 your help!

"Worldwide virtual demo calling the end of South Korean dog and cat meat trade" Who are we to judge? Indians don't do this to us with cattle and cattle is sacred to them.. Not saying I'd eat Raider, but seriously.

. In the same manner that we are careful with children about pool safety, we should also be concerned about pool safety for our four legged friends.

Christos Papakostas bid a tearful goodbye to his pitbull Wicca at the Montreal courthouse Mon. The dog was then taken to be euthanized. In June, the city of Montreal said Wicca bit a woman. Papakostas said his dog jumped because she was excited. "She got spooked. She bit? We don't know. The lady didn't go to the hospital, no stitches-only got Polysporin. Quebec's top court ruled in for an execution. Sentencing animals without proof is too easy, a concern for all dog owners. R I P Wicca

If you're a Quebec resident, please consider signing the petition against breed specific legislation.

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