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stick to your guns. ;)

Remember As Far As Anyone Knows We're A Nice Normal Family Wood Sign

Did someone overhear us saying this to the kids one day? Hahaha!

All you have to know about men and women


Your Face Is Fine Button

-Say "NO" to the "Say No to Size Zero" Champaign- Can we look beyond weight and shape? Love each other, applaud each other and stop judging each other? When someone is happy with their own body, they usually don’t feel the need to belittle someone else’s

You're not a bad mother. You're just a bad person. Awesome mothers want what's best for their matter what. Take notes "ma"

does not play well with stupid people. 1.25 inch button. Your frustration is not your fault. You are surrounded by idiots

I think I need this! Depends on the kind of stupid. Some are fun stupid and you can laugh together when they say dumb things while others are insufferable, "it's so bad you can't even laugh" stupid. I don't play well with the latter.

Tragedy happens, joy is everywhere, people are crying, someone else is laughing hard. No matter what we find ourselves immersed in this very moment, this too shall pass as the storms did yesterday. Life goes on, we are invited to embrace it.