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Foodtech is the term which is uncommon to most but it’s starting to pop up again and again in small circles  across the globe. One may be familiar with the term food technology (if not, Wikipedia has it covered) but foodtechnology is more than just a branch of food science. It’s new and exciting and as yet not entirely defined. From Louis Pasteur’s research on the spoilage of wine till today, food biotechnology has taken an astounding height. So, here are the five benefits of studying food…

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Crab Salad

My New Year's Eve dinner menu with wine pairings and a light crab salad that let's the briny sweetness of the crab shine through.

The satiety cascade

Optimising foods for satiety


Top-10 Salmon Recipes


Braised Red Cabbage

Braised Red Cabbage with red wine and cherry syrup is a Bavarian recipe that is widely served with mashed potatoes, chicken and beef in the German cuisine


Ever wondered how the Beer is brewed? Here is the science behind it!

Mesmerizingly Creepy Handprint Shows Were All Crawling With Bacteria.  Posted June 8, 2015.

Mesmerizingly Creepy Handprint Shows We're All Crawling With Bacteria

Mesmerizingly Creepy Handprint Shows Were All Crawling With Bacteria.