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Villi Wilson on

Stay Dry Little Buddy ... #ConservativeVW #tcot

--Posted to DESERT HEARTS Animal Compassion-- 10/3/2013 Phoenix, Arizona ---

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28 Photos That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

Poof that the world is not completely filled with assholes.

Wish that would happen offten its an innocent Dog protecting its owners hes a great guy for not shooting him

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Ricky Gervais on

Take a picture, not a trophy. This is how real men shoot animals.

37 Men Show Us What Real Men's Activists Look Like - PolicyMic

Yes,agreed.But for me it doesn't metter if I'm a real man.I just love them,because I do.And I'm sure, you think the same. Cause if we don't love them..then WHO WILL?

All wild animals can be tamed, not all can live in cages. We're too worried about "just anyone" handling wild animals, but don't remember that God gave ALL mankind dominion over ALL animals, everyone not just the wildlife center. Why not educate rather than punish people who God gifted with a love of wild animals. Who are we to play God? We value animals more than a 1 week old human being inside a woman. We kill and murder the helpless human child and then go crazy when someone shoots a…

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No wonder we love dogs...

God bless people that are kind to animals.