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The human barbell, Barack Hussein Obama, brainless lightweight that he is, being lifted by a real man, Vlad Putin. Hilarious. Second part would show Putin dropping the H.B.B.

People buy things all the time – they buy them and then they get bored with them and outgrow them and then these things end up collecting dust and taking up storage space. And because flea markets in Egypt are a terrible idea, the robabekya man comes to the rescue. He is like the real-life human clutter vacuum who takes away all your crap, and actually pays you for them – he's cool like that.

Nowadays cave men drawings are seen as primitive stick figures which shows the human race how far we’ve come. In today’s world there are millions of talented artists, but some have gone an extra step and have decided to go down the hyper realistic path which means replicating the real world. Photography alone is a …

Someone Made A Real-Life LEGO Hair Bike Helmet That Turns You Into A LEGO Figure | Bored Panda