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How to make Rainbow Roses: a Step by Step Guide

Rainbow Roses Get white of cream colored long stem roses. (Carnations work well too). Cut the stem according to the picture, you will then place 4 glasses of food color dyed water together. Put one piece of stem per color and allow the flower to soak up different colors.

Milk Art. All you need is milk, food coloring and dish soap. This year in Chemistry I got to test out this project, but my group did it wrong and it didn't come out right. I would love to try again and make a complete piece of art out of it. The colors flow however they want and you can't control it. It's art just the way it is made.

18 Summer Activities for Kids to Do Under $5

This is easier than water balloons - and the fun can go on for hours! Cut sponges into thirds and stack them 3 strips high x 3 strips wide... tie with a zip tie (trim tie w/ nail clippers or hold with pliers and twist 'sponge ball' until excess snaps off)