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The Big Book of Bobbins

This book by Julia Icenogle is 112 pages of Mrs. Bobbins' fun, silly, quilty antics! You'll see Mrs. Bobbins use her rotary cutter on a pizza and accidentally sew her quilt to the tablecloth. And that's just the beginning!

So true! I have been looking for a new place to live and nowhere seems to be big enough for the sewing stash, yarn stash, well you get the picture. at least not in my budget. lol

Oh dear, the Pinterest bullies might get mooned if they come by here.... that's my "thank you gift" instead of "like" and "follow" for the 3 re-pins they blocked me over. D. @ Falling-Star

Always!! They are not scraps...they are leftovers!! We bought fabric and had some left when a quilt was finished. $11 a yard are treasures, not scraps. I've bought leftovers from friends.