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Elina - Monochromatic digital painting. A woman is painted in black and white colors, looking far away with disheveled hair and humble clothing.

Very good article about firing to achieve cone 6 reds in oxidation. Sankey Iron Red Custer feldspar 44g silica 16.5g bone ash 14g red iron oxide 11g EPK 10.5g talc 10g lithium carbonate 3 Bentonite 2g

Henrietta Harris is an artist and illustrator from New Zealand who has created a series of seemingly unfinished portraits. Each drawing is a portrait with the subjects face missing — instead, the crisp black and white images are focused on fine lines and clean shapes. The hair on the subjects is incredibly detailed but the facial area of the image is completely blank. For more of her work, check out Harris’ website.

Iron Glazes and Achieving Red Color in Oxidation – Electric Cone 6 & Other Ways w/ Clay

Long handled serving spoon made of ceramic clay in a mute sage hue, with a hand painted black and white striped handle. Handmade in small batches by Elizabeth Benotti in her studio in New Hampshire. -

If there’s one thing I have learned in my time here as editor of Ceramic Arts Daily, it’s that our readers never seem to tire of learning about decorative techniques for the clay surface. And neither do I. That’s why we decided to make a free download available about some of the most popular ceramic... Read More »

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