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(Alright, gang. I'm not even entirely sure how to write something up for Adrien. All ya gotta really know is he is great. I don't even know. He just is. And that's pretty much it. He is rich....I guess that is important to know...I guess. But who really pays attention to that when the character qualities are so fabulous?)

I really don't think I want to know what Toothless and Valka were talking about. Regardless, this is funny. Lol.

Some words are more important to know than others. And this is one of the important ones. ;-) How to say a "candy" in Hebrew; for an audio pronunciation, click the image or this link:

Cozy Courtyards - For when Space is at a Minimum

A simple fence or a stucco wall with entry gate or door would keep strangers in the night from landing on your stoop or stealing your plants, and add a privacy to common areas between multi-unit buildings. Gated entry community... Courtyard entry -