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Remarkable 16th Century Style Superhero and Star Wars Cosplay

You've got to check out this incredible series of cosplay photos that feature several superheroes and Star Wars characters in 16th century during the Renaissance

Zoom sur les plus belles robes du cinéma

D'Artagnan in The Musketeers. I love this pose; his eyes are full of brooding while his sword arm is poised in patient readiness.

All Hail the Sexy Return of Reign!

The Last Unicorn

Beagle spent as much time as he could at the Cloisters museum in NY to view the Unicorn Tapestries... unfortunately he had bad allergies at the time and could only spend short amounts of time in the gallery at a time.

Guys...>-> Italy had a short time to do that with all of 'em. Give him some slack (although...italy the renaissance 9-9 what happened)