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This is easy: Open some Word docs and make "identity" sheets of your characters to remind you. Make a timeline of when and where events take place. Essentially take notes so halfway through your story when you forget an important detail you have a reliable place to look it up. - #writing #nanowrimo

Gráfico de estudo de studyBible de Bíblia de cantares de Salomão para o livro de cantares de Salomão

New Testament Book Timeline - great Bible study tool!

The Book of Acts | Outline of the Book of Matthew

Divided kingdom and David's Civil war with the House of Saul ...

Candle Bible Handbook for kids presents the Bible in a clearly organized, realistically illustrated, and stimulating way. Find timelines, study questions, color coding, and outlines that make a great tool for children to use for digging in to their Bibles!

Outlines: Part 1.Saul before David Part 2: David in Saul's Palace: Saul, the psychotic king who drove himself insane Part 3: Saul hunts David

Every person in the KJV Bible from Adam to Jesus (Not Catholic, but the characters in both are the same)