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vintage postcards and amateur snapshots on breastfeeding {lb} This is kind of awesome..I always thought of women from this era to be super modest. It's a refreshing idea to see that a mother's adoration of and pride in her baby and her body - was a feeling that could be captured.

25 Historical Images That Normalize Breastfeeding Proof that the “as-long-as-you-cover-up” mentality hasn’t been around for very long.

Gaetano Bellei (1857-1922): 659 изображений найдено в Яндекс.Картинках

D ❤️Gaetano Bellei (Italian painter) 1857 - 1922 Grandmother and Child, s. oil on canvas x in.)~ The ultimate connection: LOVE.

"Self Portrait," Emile Friant (1863 - 1932)

Emile Friant, Autoportrait en gris clair, huile sur toile, Musée des beaux-arts de Nancy Friant was a French realist painter who gained high praise for his naturalistic style. Several honors to his name included winning the grand.

My Rosary w/ Gold Frame

My Rosary w/ Gold Frame

Lovely vintage depiction of mother and daughter praying the rosary.