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Making Words for the Whole Year

This is a GO TO resource for my Daily 5 Word Work station! It has 4 themed Making Words activities for each month. Just print and GO! Watch your students work independently for the entire time!

Never thought of using pom much quieter...and love her worksheet to record words...although a journal at the station would be great too and use her worksheet graphic as the front cover.

Shake It Up: glue sight words to pom-poms. Students shake jar to find word, read it, and write it down (maybe have students match it to response sheet by coloring it the same color as the pom-pom)

Suffix Word Endings (-s, -es) (-s, -ed, -ing) (-er, -est) Pack - RF.1.3f, RF2.3d

I made this activity pack to correlate with the Level 2 - Unit 3 also of course can be used as a Language Arts activity and/or for Word Work. I needed my kiddos to practice with the suffixes of plurals in terms of nouns and verbs. So I created a basic intro worksheet that shows the kiddos when to use -s or -es.

Phonics I-Spy Discovery Bottle

Phonics I-Spy game. Fun way to help kids practice letter sounds and keep them entertained when you're on the go. {Imagination Tree}