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mz wallace butterfly - Google Search

mz wallace butterfly - Google Search

Cethosia cyane - Underside  Leopard Lacewing Butterfly

Natural, and nature inspired home décor, jewelry, apparel and art. We select our products through a unique scientific lens unlike any other in the industry.

Chinese Luna Moth

Chinese Moon Moth (Actias dubernardi ) by Igor Siwanowicz I've actually seen a full size Luna Moth ( all light green) while camping in Georgia. It remains one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen!

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Ally Pally, Knitting, Stitch and Inspiring Textiles.

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I want to get this tattoo ufo because I grew up with my dad and me looking to the stars seeing if we could see a ufo. It is a sense of home tbh. It gives feeling that my dad is always with me.