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Lady Gaga - The Monster Ball Tour (2011)The rock ‘n’ roll billboard era lasted about fifteen years. The void on the Strip left by a retreating music industry was filled with slick graphics for trendy blue jeans or automobiles. The shock value of rock music and the art it inspired left the street. Morrison was dead. Lennon was shot. Led Zeppelin disbanded. It was all over. The world was making room for the likes of Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga to be born. Pic Robert Landau Rock ‘n’ Roll…

“The Fame Monster EP” Illustration-Serie: “ Bad Romance // Alejandro // Monster // Speechless // Dance In The Dark // Telephone // So Happy I Could Die // Teeth ”

The best year of pop. Which 2009 Pop Hit Are You? You got: “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga You are a very lively person with lots of positive energy. You never let life’s worries tie you down, and people are attracted to your easygoing attitude.

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