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Stalin, accompanied by government security personnel department of the OGPU, who holds his hands in the pockets of his cloak, where the weapons (Moscow, early 1930s).

The Hesse Family. Alice, daughter of Queen Victoria, her husband, Louis of Hesse and their children, including the future Duke, Ernst Ludwig, and the future Empress of Russia, Alix.

The wife of Peter Gusenberg leaves the morgue after identifying her husband’s body. Peter had been one of seven men killed at the garage at 2122 North Clark Street during 1929’s St. Valentine’s Day Massacre.

Hess, von Salomon and Adolf Hitler in 1929. The woman in the front is Elsa Bruckmann, who gave (literally) millions of Reichsmarks to Hitler and the Nazi party in the 1920′s.

Vladimir Putin discussed with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh of cooperation in all fields - political, economic and military. The leaders hold talks this year for the third time. Singh arrived in Moscow on an official visit.