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from The Pioneer Woman

“Funny Face” Finalists!

! It doesn't matter where they are in the world...children are all the same, filled with curiosity, playful, quick to forgive, willing to love and wanting to BE loved and cared for.

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15 Albino Women And Girls with Gorgeous Natural Hair [Gallery]

Beautiful African Albino child More

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What Role Do You Play in Your Family?

Khoisan tribe - The African humans from which all other geographic body differences diverged - the Kung! San/khoisan. All of our ancestors- Nelson Mandela was a member of this group.

from Metro

Girl born 'with a permanent tattoo of a dog kissing a bunny'

This BEAUTIFUL girl is being bullied every day at school!!! Please repost this so she can see how beautiful she really is, and that there ARE people that care!!!! STOP BULLYING and I think she is beautiful


40 Beautiful Photographs Of People From Around The World

47 Stunning Photographs Of People From Around The World 89 -

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Top 10 Most Beautiful Portraits Of Blue Eyed People

I couldn't look away. Those big blue eyes just captivated me. She had so many questions that I couldn't and shouldn't answer. So young and so inocent, but they were still after her. I had to get her to safety. I knew if I could only get her to the Beach Way, it would be fine. I hoped. I didn't know when or where they would find us, but if I was fast enough, she would be fine. That is a whole lot of ifs.

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Tomorrow Brings

They are happy, because they have eachother. #family #happy #love More

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Learn About The Robust And Attractive African Art

Mursi Tribe, Ethiopia More

from BuzzFeed

A Service Dog Got His Caricature Drawn At Disney And People Are Losing It

Katie about died at the picture, so she shared it on Twitter. It’s now been retweeted over 50,000 times. | A Service Dog Got His Caricature Drawn At Disney And People Are Losing It