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Autodesk and Team4Tech are back in Kayamandi, South Africa, working with local teachers to integrate technology into the classroom and deepen student engagement. Follow their journey! #AutodeskLife #AutodeskFdn

It's day 1 for the Autodesk volunteers in Kayamandi, South Africa. They're introducing themselves to the students of Makupula High School in the Monday morning assembly

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Stellenbosch University, South Africa

Kayamandi residents make several trips a day to central rainwater collection points to gather their daily water supply using buckets, bowls and other makeshift containers. Climate change and unpredictable water patterns, however, are causing a growing water crisis in South Africa, and the quality of the water varies almost hourly from pristine to polluted. So, we decided to pose a design challenge to students from Stellenbosch University to develop innovative concepts for the community.

10 international volunteers from Autodesk and Team4Tech are back in Makupula High School in the township of Kayamandi, South Africa

Volunteers provided tailored coaching to teachers to help them integrate technology into their classrooms and advance student engagement

The Kayamandi Township which is located 20 miles outside of Cape Town, South Africa. It’s the second oldest township in the Western Cape, and Kayamandi’s 35,000 residents largely live in informal housing and have historically had low economic and educational opportunities.

This young learner was all smiles as she brought her ideas to life using Tiinkercad at the Vision Afrika Tech Day