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The Chemical Industry uses chemical reactions to turn raw materials into several different products. Examples of products created within the chemical industry include pharmaceuticals for the health care industry and artificial rubber for the auto industry.

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USDA Caves To Food Industry Pressures, Approves 3 New Toxic Meat Preservatives. ... . Kraft, needs to be boycotted on so many levels...

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THIS IS A LIE! First, medicare doesn't pay insurance companies, it pays PROVIDERS! Second, these cuts hurt hospitals, nursing facilities, and offices, which must in turn make cuts to staffing and services. Third, staffing cuts mean people don't get paid, and service cuts mean fewer people get HEALTHCARE! Forth, the money "saved" goes directly into the obamacare trainwreck to fund all the payouts, kickbacks and shoddy services, including INSURANCE COMPANIES!

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Not A Coincidence-As of November 2013 there have been 31,741 reported adverse reactions to the HPV vaccine, and the position of the Pharmaceutical companies which make the vaccine, as well as the Department of Health and Human Services which holds patents and profits on the vaccine, is that they are all a coincidence.