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Why is Morse Code Still Used? Short article explains the technical, economical, and cultural advantages of Morse code ("CW"). Also introduces QRP (" low powered stations"). "Morse code remains the simplest and most efficient way known to send messages via radio." It cuts through interference and is easier for non-English speakers to understand. Reasons to Continue using Morse Code restates the advantages of Morse code in a different way. Going in Technology > Morse Code and Cryptology…

CardKiwi | create flashcards together with your friends and save a ton of time. With CardKiwi you can do it online! The principle of Spaced Repetition is the key. "The application is so simple to use, we even have kids in grade 2 using it." In Life Skills, Miscellaneous, Teachers and Parents and Technology.

Soldering Basics and "The Ten Commandments" For Electronic Soldering These are two sequential pages from the same site. With the Maker phenomenon in full swing, there is a need for helpful tips like these. Kids should not solder without supervision. Adults who have never soldered (and kids) need to know these tips. Going in Life Skills and in Technology.

Safe Food Handling Here's "... a complete resource on Safe Food Handling. This resource contains statistics and links to the best sources on the subject, and is monitored regularly for obsolete links." An institutional chef was kind enough to check this page over, and she said it's good legit info, the same rules she uses. There are more facts, tips, and stats here than we could enumerate in less than a page! Going in Health, Life Skills, and Teachers & Parents.

How an engine works - comprehensive tutorial animation featuring Toyota engine technologies. This YouTube video (8 minutes) is simple and fairly easy to understand. The graphics are well done and easy to follow. It was designed to train new Toyota sales staff who don't know engines. Guess what? It works just fine for explaining auto engines to anybody! Going in Life Skills and in Technology.

The Junior Seed Site "A website devoted entirely to seeds!", a vast site with tons of information about seeds and thousands of photos. The kid section has kid-friendly sections about starting out, planting, germination, seed saving, and a plant database. We thank the people at The Seed Site for their email! Going in Homeschool, Life Skills, Science & Nature > Living Things, and Teachers & Parents.

Helping With Horsepower™ Bike Rebuild Program "We work individually with each child to help them heal and most importantly, to help them find hope." "A different way of learning", Read the article from Oprah: "I used motorcycles to teach them things I couldn't have otherwise," says Klock. "To challenge themselves, to work as a team." "If kids can learn to repair a damaged motorcycle," says Klock, "maybe they can also repair their lives." Going in Life Skills and Technology.

Banking Explained – Money and Credit - YouTube Banking Explained – Money and Credit This 6:09 video from KurzGesagt ("in a nutshell"), explains: Why banking systems are crucial to out daily lives Banks' origin, history, and how they have evolved over time How banks abandoned their traditional role and caused the Recession of 2008 Alternatives: Credit Unions (member owned, safer than banks) Alternatives: New Investment Banks Alternatives: Crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo…

Good sites for kids! Great education sites for children, parents, and teachers. The graphic says it all. Going in Technology and in Women's History.