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A new study suggests that the 21-day quarantine period for Ebola may not be "sufficiently protective to public health."

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Ebola hysteria: An epic, epidemic overreaction

This is getting ridiculous. Ebola hysteria: An epic, epidemic overreaction While the threat of Ebola is very real in Africa, the paranoia it's generated in the United States is unreal. You can count the number of documented cases in America on two hands -- and still have fingers to spare.

The real Ebola risk to the USA is from uncontrolled outbreaks in Central and South America, not direct flights from Africa

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Scientists: 'Positive' results for Ebola vaccine -

The first human trial of an experimental Ebola vaccine has produced promising results, U.S. scientists said.

With so many Christian Charities claiming to love Africa so much - why hasn’t any of them cried foul that the CDC has yet to send miracle cure to Liberia? Is Ebola Vaccine For White People Only? Africans Continue To Die While CDC Hides Cure!