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Harrier making a splash!....sorry, couldn't resist

A Spanish Air Force Harrier Jump Jet performs off the Playa de la Victoria beach during an air show in Cadiz, Spain

Sea Harrier Fighter Jet

Sea Harrier Fighter Jet

Start your own Top Gun academy with the purchase of one of these Sea Harrier fighter jets. For a measly mil, you and a friend named Goose can own a retired Royal Navy Harrier jet to take you to the world's most exotic locations at a moments notice.

Impressive Jet Fighter Design

A Harrier from 1 Sqn Royal Air Force gives a knife edge pass through the Welsh valleys

AV-8B Harrier II - Google Search

The jump jet Harrier is one of the most beautiful things I have seen. Harrier doing VTOL on an aircraft carrier


The Royal Navy aircraft carrier called “HMS Illustrious”, after 32 years service has recently been decommissioned.

AirForces Monthly It was always less bovver in the hover…

AirForces Monthly It was always less bovver in the hover…