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Watching theater differently - shadows casting letters - poster designed by Yuan Tian, for Un festival a Villereal - selected finalist of the biennial of student poster

I realy like this one, because before the light is introduced to the project, it looks like couple of lines, nothing more and the shadow reveals the secret message.

Macbeth Poster - this Etsy shop has a ton of awesome literary posters. Hellloooo decorating possibilities.

SHAKESPEARE Poster, Macbeth Poster, Shakespeare quote poster, Witches prophecies, Wall Decor, Typography poster

Macbeth Poster - have them make a wordle type poster using quotes, characters, etc. From Macbeth

Macbeth was crowned in Scotland, House of Dunkeld in 1040 for 17 years.

Piece of Macbeth artwork that I thought was very fascinating because it really does portray Macbeth and his guilt for killing the king.