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Anger Management: When angry with someone, it helps to sit down and think about the problem.

Note that the apparent object, subject, or reason of the anger is often a pretext that doesn't have much to do with the hurt, fear and frustration!

Caterpillars are lucky. All they have to do is eat all day until they become a totes fab butterfly ;-; Unless they get eaten get eaten by a bird or something.

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Three Ways to Not Hate Your Husband

I think the churchy side of the camp says I'm supposed to tell you marriage is great. It's pretty, and passionate, and playful. Your husband is your leader, woman. You must submit, woman. You must ...

There are many articles on how to create and maintain personal boundaries. But there isn’t as much guidance on how we can respect other people’s limits, because this, too, can be as difficult as setting our own. Boundary violations typically fall into three categories, according to Chester McNaughto