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Yes they did. It was a real education. They taught if your parents had guns at home to NEVER touch them, NEVER!!!!

Please Lady....The America "we" are trying to create. We liked America just fine before you, Obama and the other Morons in the administration started changing it. You shouldn't even use the words God Bless America... your no God fearing woman

My thoughts exactly... need to give this to a girl at work that asked me how my husband could be a Marine and fight for our country and not like our president. You just answered your own question, sweetie. He fought for his country, not the president.

Congresswoman, can you tell me what a furloughed GS5 assistant at DOE makes per year?


Noor Hasan Mahmud on

"Give me liberty or give me death!" -Patrick Henry Express yourself, alisondayart, Happy Fourth of July, quotes, history

The elemnet being used is humor. The photo is saying that Forrest Gump is smarter than President Obama because he gave 5 terrorist back for a traitor.

#ClintonCorruption #SlushFund #HillaryForPrison #JillStein #JillNotHill #GreenNewDeal #ItsInOurHands

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