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The festival of Holi is celebrated on the day after the full moon in early March every year. It is also called the Festival of Colours. On this day people Throw colors at each other. This festival occurs at the onset of spring. It is India's most celebrated festival along with Diwali.

Would love to go to India during Holi. A holiday where people throw brightly colored perfume powder on themselves and others in celebration of Spring.

Holi, Hindu Festival of Colours in India. One day, I will go to this. Basically, the first day people burn all of the evils in the world at bonfires. The next day or so there us throwing colored powder, paint and water. On the last day people wear white to symbolize purity and meet up to rejoice. This is the week of Christian Easter and Jewish passover.

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Powdered colors laid out for Holi, the festival of colors. | 35 Photos That Will Make You Homesick For India

I wish I could wear a sari.. such a beautiful thing. ~Hello fellow Pinner! I have worn a Sari. Oy veh! The sweat! hehehe~ but it was worth it! (even the cleaning bill) The food was fantastic, the music enchanting, just be sure to prepare your stomach! xo