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I like where this is going ** but why??? Why is he still alive???**

So this girl gives Beiber a Death Note notebook and asked for his autograph. I've never seen the anime but I've had people tell me what it's about. This is hilarious! -Oh that poor girl never seeing Death Note

......Definitely NOT going to lie... This is the main reason....

No, I want to learn Japanese not because to watch anime without subtitles, but just to learn the language itself ( not only that, I'm learning Hiragana, so there !

How To Awaken The Monster Trio

How To Awaken The Monster Trio



Frogs Everywhere - even though they aren't frogs but actually toads.

Gaara wants a hug / naruto / shippuden / sabaku no gaara meme

Gaara wants hug! Me: I'll give you a hug! Oh god please don't hurt me I just said I wanted to give you a hug.

The ultimate ship

Narumen - I don't ship Naruto and Sakura or Naruto and Hinata but Naruto and Ramen? Hell yes!

Kisame, Naruto:Shippuden by ViK-Visual on deviantART

Now give me the mirror hidden in your left sleeve." XD So that's how Itachi stays fabulous!

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I love how in Naruto's picture with Kakashi, Kakashi is hugging Naruto like he's his son, because they were more than student/teacher. Kakashi treated Naruto like a son, and Naruto respected Kakashi like a father