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Gasparilla Island State Park

Rail lines and phosphate discovered along the banks of the Peace River in Florida led to the rapid development of Charlotte Harbor. By 1888, Congress had appropriated $35,000 for several lighthouses, with the Port Boca Grande (Gasparilla Island) Lighthouse being one of them. Read more of the interesting history of the Port Boca Grande Lighthouse, which includes tales of pirates.

5 Secret Islands in Florida

Boca Grande/Gasparilla Island. One of the 5 secret islands in Florida. By Coastal Living Magazine.

Recently I was tarpon fishing in Boca Grande. The trip is a yearly family tradition. My husband, son and I prefer to fish the beaches and Charlotte Harbor rather than the often crowded and famed Boca Grande Pass. Let’s get one thing clear here, I love to fish and I am a non-professional fisher-lady, actually …