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Last summer I chartered a Ultralight-Plane and flew over the Lofoten of Northern-Norway. This was just incredible! The light and the weather was perfect! Just like in a photographers dream. Stefan Forster Photography

Incredible Travel Photography by Henry Nathan #inspiration #photography

Photos. Photography. Graphics. Capture. Photoshop. Nature. Natural. Earth. View. Landscapes. Animals. Pretty Things. Homes. Castles. Sea. Lakes. Mountains. Hills. Trees. Love. Beauty. Land. Water. Wind. Sunlight. Sunsets. Dusk. Seasons. Autumn. Solstice. Life. Flowers. Skyline. Truth.

The Island - Stefan Hefele Photography

Winter Fairytale - "Winter Fairytale" - Neuschwanstein Castle - Bavaria m I continue with the winter wonderland. Did I mentioned that this castle represents an incredible inspiration?! Not only Disneyland took it as a model. It is probably the most famous object of Germany. Not undeserved. The benefits of recent years in 160 seconds: <a href="">Stefan Hefele Landscape Photography</a> <a…