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judging a teacher by test restults

from Mashable

19 Creative Teachers Who Deserve Extra Credit

This is absolutely beautiful....maybe attempt with a smaller bill first though!

The Best Of Tumblr - 40 Pictures. My 8th grade science teacher lit himself on fire, on purpose to scare the heck out of us.

Oh My Goodness!!! I only ever bring 1 pen to livestock judging :O that could be SO bad if it died!!!! The entire contest down the drain!!! I'm going to start bringing like 20 with me!!!

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36 Times Tumblr Proved It Was The Funniest Place On The Internet

Kids, don't drink. Or your school will burn down.

from CollegeHumor

18 Kids Who Definitely Bested Their Teachers

It's was just suppose to be a joke


Who Said Professors are Boring and Monotonous? These Hilarious Professors Will Change Your Mind!

I wish he was my professor.

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15 Relatable Pictures That'll Have You Laughing in Agreement

Yep pretty much unless it's my friends then I want to scare them

When it's 8:51 and class ends at 8:50 and the professor is still talking

You know you have a cool teacher when… I seriously have no idea if I would follow through with this to get the extra credit XD