Shall I be thankful if someone was trying to be healed being near with my children when they were dying being away from me?

The little boy is absolutely adorable. His face expression is golden. This picture being in black and white also makes it look more sophisticated. What really drew me into this picture is the fact that there is probably a deeper meaning.

Candice Zugich is a fine art portrait and family photographer in Upland, CA serving Orange & LA counties. Specializing in creative lifestyle and glamour imagery

Awesome 27 Stylish And Cute Babies.. omygosh the hat is too cute! Super cute idea for pregnancy photo! (Maybe for an announcement too?) Ador...

emociones - haha, 2 seconds after the pic was taken she probably laughed her button off. Cute pic.

The main reason why it is important for infants' eyes to be examined promptly, when there is a question about whether they are straight,is because a crossed eye will gradually become nonseeing if efforts are not begun early to make the child use it.

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