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You're gonna rock down to Electric Avenue, but when you get there it's closed. Now you can't take it higher. Just go home and take to your bed. You'll probably come down with the rockin' pneumonia and the boogie-woogie flu. :/

The Most Tragic Romance There Ever Was

The Most Tragic Romance the World has ever known. Carmen Sandiego & Waldo!

It's a Monday. So therefore it's a requirement to watch this video. But first get some Kleenex because you'll be crying of laughter. Oh my god I'm dying. Ahhh Olan! You will forever be my favorite! Look up some of his other videos! He's adorable! :)

sorry I've got this whole "looks tougher than he actually is but does effeminate things frequently" thing I'm propagating at work and I have to pin this for use later