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Top 10 Banned Books

Top 10 Banned Books - A Brave New World - Written in 1932 by Aldous Huxley, this book revolves around a setting of a drugged, dull and mass society. The book takes place in the future, but it doesn’t provide much hope for generations to come. Read more:

1.This is the brave new word. It was a time peirod in the future where everything is perfect. It is where everyone is happy, young and works only seven hour shifts everyday. The twist in the book is when Bernard brings home a savage form his trip with Lenina from mexico.

Brave New World (64x56x22) is a large freestanding abstract sculpture. It is fabricated in plasma cut / welded stainless steel. This impressive and striking sculpture seems to be in a frozen state of movement due to its curved and well balanced individual elements. The disc element almost looks like it is about to be hurled like a discus or even a bowling ball.

brave-new-world Everyone gets stoned, everyone gets laid, Alphas rule the world, Epsilons clean the toilets, but The Savage just wanted to be left alone.