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::: tehran iran 10.2014 | #throwbackthursday today i would like to start a story which i will continue through several posts. a story about part of polish history. people who survived horrors of soviet gulags and who started here their long journey to poland. a story about polish soldiers and refugees... behind this red door there is polish cementary.

::: it's #throwbackthursday again. i got some pictures from @kayvan71 from polish cementary in #ahwaz iran (thanks a lot). pictures of tombs of #polishrefugees during #worldwar2. what is very sad that most of them were little childs. and they are the biggest victims of all wars and migrations... :(

::: iran | it's not my picture. it was taken by @arash.shams.divband in #ahwaz where there is polish cementary of #polishrefugees. what is interesting that monument was erected by polish embassy in 1965. it was time of deep communism in our country and the story of polish refugees from soviet union was politically incorrect. great thanks to polish ambassador who had balls to place this monument in that time ;)

::: anna szwarcewicz 1941-1942 jerzy roman leja 1942-1942 these are the tombs of polish children burried on tehran cementary. today i'm back with story of #polishrefugees. more than 13000 of the arrivals in iran were children many orphans whose parents had died on the way. they were placed in different parts of iran - mainly in isfahan (the largest group who identified itself as children of isfahan) but also in the north subborns of tehran. in 1944 most of the were relicated to different…