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Just saying...

Truth parents-why are you doing everything? Teach your kids to help! Yesterday my kids cleaned all the kitchen appliances, helped me clean the fridge, washed the windows in the living room, did a load of laundry and cleaned all 3 bathrooms!

The three C's of gentle discipline.

When our little people are overwhelmed by BIG emotions it's out job to share our calm, not join their chaos.

I may not be a stay at home mommy, but I never miss any important aspects of our sons' lives! When I am not working to help support our beautiful family or in college studying to provide a better life for them, our children are with us! Who is always watching your kids? What are you doing beside being a lazy bitch who creates high school drama because you're self-centered?

I know my babies are young adults but they will always be MY babies and I will always be their mom! I will mother them until they have their own family.and then I will give my as "GrandMa!

My favorite quote of all times!!!

The life you live is how you live for the game of softball and for that little girl inside you that never gives up and never says no. You never want to give up on the little girl in you brain that you think isn't there anymore but in life it is

It's Funny Because It's True

26 Thoughts That Are Funny Because They're True

Oh, this is so true! A worried mother does better research than the FBI! I'm surprised the FBI hasn't offered me a job!

Luckily they are able to rise above my mistakes

To The Mom Who’s Pretty Sure She’s Screwing It All Up…Let’s teach our children to believe in themselves, by believing in ourselves first.