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French School:Mercury Bringing Psyche To The Gods Before Her Marriage To Cupid

If Foxglove is growing in your garden it will attract fairies and other spirits…

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Five things you can do to be happier: meditation, smiling, exercise, help others and follow your passion.

behavioural chameleon - ENFJ - yet another reason why being with people tire me out. I don't change my beliefs or who I am but will become more loud or shy... The worst is when I can't figure out how the other person ticks. Then I withdraw.

I remember writing a chapter in my social psychology portfolio on this subject of music and emotional response.

OMG! This is what i have! Hearing someone chew on anything crunchy brings out an anger in me like no other.

How to communicate with an #INFP

Do what is given to you, and do it well, and you will have done enough. Live together in the forgiveness of your sins. Forgive each other ev...