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By astrophotographer Thierry Legault - Solar eruption on June 6 2005 - with Takahashi TOA-130 refractor, H-alpha Daystar filter, STL-11000M CCD camera.

Live cameras on board #LDSD are on! Watch at . Drop & rocket firing at 2:35pm PT.


Holiday lights on the sun! A significant solar flare erupted on Dec 19: [video] @NASASunEarth

NASA GISS: Research Projects & Groups: Astrobiology - Snow and Sea Ice coverage from a Sturtian (~715 Mya) "Snowball Earth" simulation. Forcings applied include a reduction of solar insolation to 94% of modern and 40 ppm CO2). The position of the sea ice front is approximately stable by year 500, suggesting that a "hard snowball" solution (i.e., total Earth sea ice cover) may not be achievable for this particular set of climate forcings.