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"We build too many walls, and not enough bridges" -Issac Newton. All too often we find ourselves going about our daily lives in auto-pilot; operating within our "bubble" of comfort, shielding ourselves from the world at large. Change your "route"--change your life. Explore. Surround yourself with a variety of thoughts, philosophies, notions, cultures, and ideas for a broader perspective-- a wealth of knowledge, a grounded soul, a more enlightened existence #Explore #Adventure #Mountains…



Let It Go is on infinite repeat in my head. Like the Master and his drumbeat. Unless there's other music on.

This mans murder. May he rest in peace. May his family have justice. May we all learn that fear - on both sides of the badge - is a cancer in our society and seek to heal.

I particularly love this part because of Sherlock's pleasure at John's compliments. You can tell that he has never truly been praised with sincerity by anyone and his bashful happiness is just lovely.

Panic at The Disco- Too weird to live, to rare to die

So me my poor friends are really tired of hearing about him

I wake up fine and dandy Twenty one pilots Josh dun Tyler Joseph |-/