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Migraine Tracking App Is Like Having a Doctor on Call

Most migraine apps are dumb. They act like glorified notebooks for you to track symptoms and self-diagnose; nothing more. Migraine Buddy, an ambitious Android app developed in S...

In Growing Mobile Health Market, New App Vida Addresses Chronic Issues (Video)

Vida launches at the re/code conference. Go to to experience a new model of #continuous #collaborative #connected care

HealthLoop is a cloud-based platform that aims to automate the process by which doctors engage with their patients after visits. The platform keeps patients and caregivers better connected by offering clinical information and peer-reviewed follow-up plans that automate the routine aspects of care, while tracking patient progress and monitoring key areas of concern.

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New App is Available for Prenatal Support

WHAT: Glow and Glow Nurture - a smartphone app designed to help women get pregnant and now help post pregnancy WHY ITS IMPORTANT: Combines social media with crowd sources data to help users answer health questions. Women enter in personal data that leads to health insights based on how their symptoms compare to others. EXCITEMENT: 4 #disruptionSOCIAL #disruptionMEDICAL

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A new iPad app from Fraunhofer Institute for Medical Image Computing MEVIS is using augmented reality technology on an iPad to help surgeons remove liver tumors without damaging critical vessels within the organ. A CT scan is performed before the surgery and the imaged vessels are identified with accompanying software. This information is transferred to an iPad, which can be used during surgery to point out affected areas.

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