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SALE Medieval Elven Prince Fantasy Lined Black Cloak "Knight of the West" king cloak lined cloak elven cloak. $159.99, via Etsy.

When Jonathan Groff walked onstage as King George and slayed with his hilarious number and brilliant sass. | 10 Times I Lost My Sh*t Watching "Hamilton" The Musical

Maximilian Jaenicke Crown of Smoke How'd he do it? “Milk, water, a big jar, Canon Powershot A95 + macro converter lens, 2x 500 W halogen lamps, black board and PS, of course. Milk was dripped into water with a pipette. While the milk was decending in the water, a series of shots were taken."

steampunktendencies: “ King of the Zombie. Сemetery. FOTO: Ilja Hubálek Actor: Josef Rarach FX Makeup: Vlad Taupes (studio FX Creator, Barrandov) ”

King Arthur. For amazing walking holidays in England and the UK click here: http://www.macsadventure.com/idevaffiliate/idevaffiliate.php?id=142

It's crazy, I had no idea that when I repinned this pic, that it would become my most repinned -pin. This is the first time I've edited the post, otherwise I just left the original pinners' comment on it. I get a crazy amount of notifications from pinterest and about 70% of the time is this guy getting a share or like. <3 Original post comment: (Ok so no i wouldn't wear this lol, but i believe i just swooned. by Eve Ventrue)

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