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you said that you don't like me not keeping my promises any more. how could i? i gave you everything - i was empty, exhausted. and you asked me for a bank book with a joint Fixed Deposit, money was all mine - which you said you had to close, the bank said so. i don't believe you. i gave you half of the money like i said i would anyway. did you keep "any" of the promises you made to me?

- The Fault In Our Stars Really irritates me when someone doesn't keep their promises. You shouldn't say it if you aren't going to do it!

The last time we spoke, you were upset I didn't keep a promise - again, I didn't send you the "money" on time. You have changed. Money is everything to you nowadays. Hey, I gave you the money to the joint account. I said 50%, I meant it. You never kept the Hua Hin promise. You NEVER sent me back my animals. You NEVER tried to come see me. Basically, you broke MANY PROMISES. So, please. Stop with your perfect image.

Lessons Learned in Life | Integrity. "If you made a promise, keep it. If you have love, cherish it. If someone confided in you, respect it. If you did wrong, apologize for it. If you want trust, earn it. ~Brigitte Nicole"

To talk about your trauma, or anything you have kept locked inside due to shame or fear, is a powerful healing force.

Choose People Who Choose (Live Life Happy)

Best statement ever- had a serious talk with bae yesterday and started getting emotional cause he was so genuine to tell me that he would choose me, everyday for the rest of our lives 💖