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A real "rat rod" still requires some craftsmanship, like what's on display here at the annual GoodGuys meet in this photo by CarolinaDoug.

Another hero of the French Resistance during World War II and decorated for saving the lives of U.S. soldiers shot down behind enemy lines was Micheline Blum-Picard. Only eighteen-years-old when she first became involved in the Resistance, Blum-Picard started by carrying messages taped to her back and then progressed to photographing inside factories damaged by bombing raids By D-Day, however, she was carrying a rifle, a pistol, and a hand grenade wherever she went.

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Nostalgic Foods of the 60s, 70s, and 80s That Our Kids Will Never Have

You may have heard the legend that if you eat Pop Rocks and drink cola at the same time you will explode. You could use this idea to create an interesting science project that will teach you all about carbon dioxide. Using information about Pop...

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Summer Camp: 10 Awesome Glow Stick Ideas

Summer Camp: 10 Awesome Glow Stick . I tried the waster bottles with glow sticks but didn't work all that great. Could of been the glow stick bought them at dollar store

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Paracord Grenade Survival Kit Fishing/Fire (Free Shipping)

Paracord "Grenade" Survival Kit! Inside you will find- Tin Foil, Eye Knife, Cotton Tinder, Fire Starter, Weights, Spinners, Fishing Hooks, Floats and Fishing Line, all wrapped up in paracord with a carabiner. Clips perfectly on your backpack or keychain!

Take a look at what's inside the MAY issue of TACTICAL KNIVES...Rocky S2V Survival Grenade: Super-compact emergency kit—the essence of preparedness!